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Ayurvedic wellness centre in London Ayurvedic wellness centre in London Ayurvedic wellness centre in London
Our Story

Nurturing Ayuspa: Our Path to Holistic Well-being

Ayuspa is a leading provider of Ayurvedic wellness practices in the Western world. Originally founded in 2001 as "Healing Hands" by an Ayurvedic enthusiast who faced many obstacles, the company has grown significantly since its establishment in 2012, gaining popularity throughout the local community. Over the years, Ayuspa has provided its services to thousands of people and expanded its range of Ayurvedic therapies to include post-stroke and post-chemo treatments. Ayuspa has experienced a revitalized and empowered demeanor under new management since 2017. The brand has become a household name and its reputation continues to soar. Ayuspa is now a well-established and fully-equipped Ayurvedic therapy spa in London, with 10 Ayurvedic doctors and a network of therapists. Over the past 20+ years, Ayuspa has consulted with over 25,000 clients.

Preserving Life, Naturally

Crafting Serenity, One Ayurvedic Tradition at a Time

Ayurvedic wellness centre in London

Ayuspa offers personalized consultations, over 30 authentic Ayurvedic treatments, herbal beauty treatments, supplements, powders, oils, and cosmetics. We also provide discount packages, Rituals, Panchakarma, yoga, Pranayama, and meditation instruction. Ayuspa offers Ayurvedic UK and Europe wellbeing retreats and Ayurvedic holidays to India at their partner center. Additionally, we provide training courses and workshops in Ayurveda and yoga.

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